Budget Meals – Week 2

We ate 2 days of leftovers and 5 new meals this week; 4 hits and a miss. I keep forgetting to take photos of the actual food because Mom Brain, so you’ll have to make due with the Tastefully Simple stock photos, which look MUCH better than mine. A professional photographer I am not. This week the Bot started martial arts, so my schedule was ca-raaaaaaaazy as I get used to 2 more classes a week at the ninja school. So, having these meals was freaking AWESOME (mostly).

Meal 1: Ultimate Steak with Balsamic Vegetables


I ended up using super thin, low-quality steak for this bad boy, and it was STILL phenomenal. Ultimate Steak seasoning is probably one of the better seasonings that came with this, and it goes in a ton of the recipes. I also LOOOOVE me some balsamic vinegar. This was probably my favorite of the meals we’ve eaten so far, and it was really easy. Steak on the broiler, saute the veggies, drizzle with vinegar, done. I’d probably add some fresh mozzarella next time for extra yum.

Meal 2: Cilantro Avocado Turkey Burgers


I did not have high hopes for these because turkey burgers. Turkey burgers are effing gross. TURKEY BURGERS ARE FOR FOOLS!

Except these. These were exceptional. The texture was a little weird, but the seasoning in the turkey made them awesome, and the red pepper hummus mix has been a diamond in the rough of these meals. That stuff is INCREDIBLE. It’s been in 2 of the meals we’ve made. The smell of it is addictive. For this recipe, you just pop the burgers on the grill and then mash up 2 avocados with the red pepper hummus mix to use instead of mayo to make it healthier. This recipe was a HUGE surprise in a good way.

Meal 3: Sweet Potato Black Bean Soup


This was a “thaw and put in crock pot” meal. I didn’t eat it, but my family really liked it. I can’t stomach black beans. My husband said the seasoning was REALLY good.

Meal 4: Tuscan Beef Stew


FLIPPING INCREDIBLE. Again, crock pot and go. Easy to take to work with me, too, and even though I had to eat half of it cold because we got busy, it was still amazing. The artichokes in this thing…just yum. Yummy yum yum. And also, yum. My favorite so far.

Meal 5: Coconut Crusted Chicken Strips


This meal sucks. It failed on both taste and convenience. Dang thing took me over an hour, as I had to make seasoned flour and an egg wash and a coconut bowl to roll them in while having a three-nager under my feet and in my face. It was a mess. There were a ton of dishes. And it didn’t taste good. The hubby was much less offended by this than I was. There was just TOO MANY flavors. You season the flour with 2 seasonings, then season the chicken with 2 seasonings, then salt and pepper, and plus the coconut flavor. Just way too much. MISS. But, it’s one miss out of 10 meals, so I’m still happy.


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